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Street style: work edition

‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have’, well, that is easier said than done. Even if you love fashion, there are always days when your closet seems…empty. You know those days. Everyone has them. Mostly those days happen to be Monday right?

So, if you are looking at you ‘empty’ closet and suffer from a lack of inspiration, we have some tips for you.


Business chic


Ladies: break out your pencil skirts, high heels and vintage pieces and have some fun!

Now that summer is slowly winding down, we all have to transition into our fall wardrobes, a tip to make this easier (and more fun) is LAYERING. Instead of a single chunky piece, try a few lighter pieces from summer. Mix and match and find a unique modern look for work.

Don’t be afraid to mix textures and a bit of color never hurts. You can take your look to a higher level with a signature piece or two, just look at this years NYFW. There are a lot of ‘power’ looks on the runway this year,  you can always soften the look of your regular suit with an accessory , bows, or some lace for a more  feminine look. It really is all in the details!



I love black! It’s absolutely my color, especially if it’s Monday morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet.

If you are late for work and don’t have the time to stand around you closet for an hour trying on half of said closet here’s a tip: black, black, black and just a pop of color but that’s just me. If black doesn’t work for you any color goes, always remember to break it down because sometimes this look can overwhelm.

The monochromatic look never gets old. You really need just that o
ne thing, that accent piece to offset this look; it can be a really cool necklace or a bag or shoes. Keep it simple and elegant.

It doesn’t have to be black, just pick a solid and stick with it although I recommend the nudes, but really, it’s the same principle.

The best part is it’s quick! Well, actually… the best part is that you look modern and professional in no time at all!

Keep it simple


Classic is classic for a reason. But the classic look can sometimes be really boring, spice it up right and you can get a really cool and stylish look.

Don’t be afraid of prints! Have fun,be a girl,add a floral,abstract or a literal print;it might be enough to take your style up a notch .


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