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Italian gentelmen and their stylish shoes

Made in Italy,three words that have defined great quality leather shoes since the beginning of time! Well..the beginning of serious fashion at least. I have fallen in love with the great fashion sense and designs of Italian designer Antony Morato whos shoes i love to see on my man. 

The one shoe every man must have


You can tell a lot from a man’s shoe, if it’s sleek and polished you can bet he takes care of himself, knows how to mind the details and takes pride and care with his appearance.

The black lace-up is a must have. Your closet is not complete without this basic and classic shoe. From formal attire to clubbing to business (and not so business) meetings. Whether you dress it up with a crisp suit or dress it down it is an essential shoe to have.                                                                                                               .


The revolution of rubber

Rubber soles are an absolute hit, they have established their place in fashion these past years and this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Antony Morato leather shoes

Italian men know how to wear their shoes


The working man has a working shoe, for most working men this shoe is a classic black lace-up. For Italian men this shoe is cherished but not worn very often, they save it for more formal occasions opting to wear brown leather shoes for their day to day activities. But these fashion forward men of Italy are not afraid of color, they can never be accused of being in a ‘corporate uniform’.The important thing to remember when playing around with your style is this: always match your accessories with your shoe; black leather belts, rubber watch bands and brown, red or blue leather shoes do not go together.

Mix it up

blue leather men's shoe
Black and brown, classic, but if over done boring. Color up your life! let your shoes reflect your mood.
The market is at last full of choices for the modern man, there is a lot to chose from. From styles to color to materials to cuts the men’s shoe is at last as diverse as the woman’s shoe.






A good shoe lasts a lifetime

Not many people really appreciate their shoes, they walk all over them… literally!.

Your shoes are the most worn out part of your outfit. But if you take proper care of them they’ll take you where you want to go and last you if not a lifetime at least a decade or so.

Now,think prices.

Good quality 100% leather shoes with leather soles and leather interiors cost a bunch and i know most people think twice about spending that kind of cash on a pair of derby shoes or dress shoes but think of it as an investment in the future.

Now, let’s talk numbers.

Would you rather buy an 800$ suit that goes out of style in two,three years or 500$ shoes that last 10-20 years?. Of course, you could always get yourself your 100 $ pair of shoes that wear down in a year or two but i mean,that’s only 1000$ in 10 years. Chump change right?


The care and maintenance of your shoes

So, seeing as a man you do not need to have 30 pairs of shoes but only lets say five or six good pairs to set you up for life and any occasion that may come up, you should really think about your shoes as an investment.

Here are some tips on how to make sure that investment pays off:

We’ll start from the sole. Check your soles every year or so to see if they are worn down,if they are you can have them replaced relatively cheap. Remember to have them sewn on and not glued.

Leather, like skin, needs to be moisturized so use shoe polish! . This takes care of the leather keeping it flexible and less likely to get worn out. Shoe polish also covers and minimizes damage from everyday wear and last but not least your shoes look shinny and new.

To help ease the constant pounding, have your cobbler set you up with some taps for your heels and toes. This will help keep your sole from eroding.

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